Thur 11th April 2024
1.00pm -2.00pm
Sonic Lab

Finding the edge of musical imagination


Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this event has been cancelled.



Cansu Tanrikulu: voice

Carol McGonnell: clarinet

Eonta are two creatives who combine their experience from two different worlds of music as improvising composer-performers with a ravenous attitude in exploring the unknown.


Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN   In Freundschaft


Nick DUNSTON  Our Weeping Comet for Clarinet and Voice


In Freundschaft, Karlheinz Stockhausen (1977)

“Clear differentiation, relation to a common and constant center, exchange, approaching one another, movement of lively ascending elements towards the end of the formula: IN FRIENDSHIP.”
– Stockhausen


Rupture Rapture, Eonta 2024

Significant ruptures occur in all of our lives from time to time, and the potential of who we may become, or the light that the rupture makes space for after these events is what we are exploring in this piece. These times can bring about a detachment from our former selves, a separation from our old self perception and an opportunity to evolve into a new version of ourselves becomes available. “Rupture Rapture” delves into this transformative journey and here we endeavor to musically open up that space of new frontiers between on screen Eonta and live Eonta.




Our Weeping Comet- Nick Dunston 2024

Like a chimeric celestial body, “Our Weeping Comet” explores new timbres by experimenting with the atmospheres, nuclei, and tails of sounds. To work with musicians as masterful as Cansu Tanrıkulu and Carol McGonnell means to have an overwhelming set of utterances to choose from; yet more importantly, it also means that the collaborative process never ends with the notated score-if it ever does end, it only does so with the actualization of each and every performance. Ultimately, the totality of inertia obscures the lines between inhalation and exhalation, between improvisation and composition; and like a comet, there is a sublime blurring of construction and erosion.

-Nick Dunston



Nick Dunston is an acoustic and electroacoustic composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist. Called an “indispensable player on the New York avant-garde” (New York Times), his performances have spanned a variety of venues and festivals across North America and Europe. His work explores notions of ancestral memory, materiality, embodiment, decolonization, and Afro-surrealism. As a collaborator he has worked with artists such as Marc Ribot, Moor Mother, Ches Smith, Lucrecia Dalt, Mary Halvorson, Imani Uzuri, Dave Douglas, Ingrid Laubrock, Tyshawn Sorey, Anna Webber, Amirtha Kidambi, Alexander Hawkins, Craig Taborn, and Vijay Iyer.

In addition to four albums released under his name, Dunston has been commissioned by artists and organizations such as Bang on a Can, JACK Quartet, A L’ARME! Festival, Ex-Aequo, Tenth Intervention, Johnny Gandelsman, TROMPO, Gaudeamus Festival, Joanna Mattrey, Ekmeles, and Joy Guidry. In 2019 he was awarded the Van Lier Fellowship by Roulette, which supported the creation of the trans-media song cycle La Operación, the double bass quintet piece The Floor is Lava!, and his debut studio album, Atlantic Extraction, which was referred to as “the debut of 2019” (JazzTimes Magazine). In 2020 in collaboration with Dogbotic Labs, he co-created “Ear Re-training”, a music composition course focusing on media-bending experimental techniques and concepts.

He, along with Katherine Young were featured as the inaugural Artists-in-Residence with Wet Ink Ensemble for the 2021-2022 season, where Dunston created his large ensemble piece Reverse Broadcast, himself performing on double bass, processed radio, and improvised Conduction. He released his trio album Spider Season in 2022 in which Pitchfork magazine noted “Even in a trio setting, Dunston’s curiosity creates a plethora of possibilities. No two songs of his ever sound alike.” He has given artist talks and presented his works at academic institutions such as University of Southern California, California Institute of the Arts, The University of Iowa, and Stony Brook University.

In 2023 he was nominated for the Deutscher Jazzpreis (German Jazz Prize) double bass category. Dunston currently resides and maintains an active presence in both the Berlin and New York experimental music scenes.




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