Shiva Feshareki

Thur 11th April 2024
10.00pm -late
Sonic Lab

acts of musical alchemy

Shiva Feshareki: LIQUID ZIGGURAT (work in progress) with support by Rule Driven (John Macormac & Robin Price)

Shiva will present a live ambisonic turntable composition that she creates live in the moment in direct response to the energies in the room and the incredible sound-system becomes her instrument.

She will manipulate and warp records, time and space through the boundless possibility of the turntables, contorting samples of her own compositions along with peculiarities from her LP collection.

Shiva will employ an array of technology from vintage analogue tape echo, vinyl turntables, CDJs, to the state-of-the-art ambisonic technology found in the SONIC LAB at SARC to create experiences that reveal the fluid and infinite interplay between sound and the physics of space.


Rule Driven: Thunderous drum and synths will create a lightning like live visual score of the unfolding performance establishing an audiovisual relationship between disjointed repetitive beats and unruly geometry.




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