Brian Cullen



20 Years of SARC - Concert

Twenty years ago composer Karlheinz Stockhausen officially opened the SARC building on the occasion of being awarded a honorary doctorate from Queen’s University Belfast. Stockhausen’s ideas on immersive sound were key influences for the design of the Sonic Lab, the... View event

Úna Monaghan


Brian Cullen has spent twenty five years building a portfolio, studying, and teaching in areas such as fine art, music and media technology, computer animation, sound design and video games.

Brian received his Ph.D. in Electroacoustic Composition from the Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2010. His research explored how computer generated sounds and imagery fuse with everyday experience. His audio-visual compositions, such as Thrice Removed (2008), Pixel Parasites (2006) and A Natural Balance (2006), have been exhibited globally.

Since moving to Canada in 2010, Brian completed three post-doctoral positions at the University of Waterloo, during which he created four knowledge translation animations, researched audio’s impact on stereoscopic 3D perception, and explored video games as art.

In 2014, Brian founded Fluxscopic Ltd. to facilitate the production of inquisitive video games with strong sound design and musical elements. With funding provided by the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Creates, Brian worked with a team of local talent, releasing Mayhem in Single Valley on PC in 2021 and consoles in 2023.