Lucy Suchman



John Bowers and Lucy Suchman (Keynote)

Sonorities Symposium keynote session featuring John Bowers and Lucy Suchman, chaired by Paul Stapleton View event

John Bowers


Since the 1980s I’ve been engaged with questions at the intersections of science and technology studies and HCI, beginning with how we figure humans and machines at the interactive interface and the consequences for Human-Machine Reconfigurations (2007). My current research extends my longstanding critical engagement with the fields of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction to the domain of contemporary militarism. Thinking with John Bowers for many years, I look forward to a conversation that will take us through relevant histories and presents, addressing shared concerns regarding improvisation, closed and open worlds, and what the latter make possible for collective movements of resistance and transformation in the arts and beyond.


Photo credit: Charlotte Perhammar