Paula Azguime



A Laugh to Cry Opera by Miguel Azguime

DIVE INTO THE DEPTHS OF HUMANITY WITH ‘A LAUGH TO CRY.’ NEW OP-ERA Dive into the depths of humanity with ‘A Laugh to Cry.’ A Laugh to Cry is  a scream for freedom against tyranny, against  the omnipresence of arrogance... View event


In 1982, Paula Azguime’s study with Pierre-Yves Artaud set the stage for the innovative Miso Ensemble, co-founded with Miguel Azguime in 1985. This flute and percussion duo, lauded as one of the most innovative Portuguese groups in contemporary music gained international acclaim from the 1990s. It is known for their unconventional approach to music, exploring music-making techniques, incorporating amplification and electronics.  Their philosophy, hinted at in their name (MISO, a slow-maturing ingredient in Japanese cuisine), speaks to a profound appreciation for process and a harmonious way of life.

Paula Azguime also became a vital promoter of Portuguese contemporary music, leading the Miso Music Portugal cultural association, the Música Viva Festival and from from 2000th the Portuguese Music Information Centre.
Since 2014, she’s also led O’culto da Ajuda, a center and auditorium for musical creation and production.

Paula Azguime is today at the forefront of contemporary opera, redefining the genre with her multimedia artistry. Her innovative direction, video art, and sound design are pioneering the “new op-era,” a term she coined to signify a transformative era for operatic performance.