Stephanie Loveless



This Street is a Song

Sonorities partner with Flax Artist Studios to host the ‘This Street is a Song’ exhibition at their shop-window gallery, Threshold.   View event

Stephanie Loveless is a sound and media artist whose research centers on listening and vocal embodiment. Her recent projects include a mobile web-app for geo-located listening, and sound works that channel the voices of plants, animals, and musical divas. She currently lives and works in upstate New York, on the shores of the Mahicannituck, the river that is never still, where she is a Lecturer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Arts, and Director of the Center for Deep Listening . Loveless’ co-edited volume, Situated Listening (forthcoming in 2024 via Routledge), is a collection of essays on embedded, contextual, and critical listening.