20 Years of SARC - Talks

Thur 11th April 2024
2.30pm -4.30pm

Celebrating 20 Years

Twenty years ago composer Karlheinz Stockhausen officially opened the SARC building on the occasion of being awarded a honorary doctorate from Queen’s University Belfast. Stockhausen’s ideas on immersive sound were key influences for the design of the Sonic Lab, the brain child of Michael Alcorn.

Twenty years on SARC has organically evolved to explore numerous research avenues in immersion, interaction, inclusivity, urban space, performance, composition and scholarship. Today’s event celebrates SARC’s history with a series of short talks by PhD alumni. This year also represents the re-launch of SARC as a Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Sound and Music. Following the appointment of Pedro Rebelo as Director in 2021, the remit of SARC has expanded and now includes a membership of over forty academics and thirty PhD researchers from across the university.

This session includes contributions by Peter Stitt, Pablo Sanz, Eduardo Patricio, Rob Bentall, Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles, Tullis Rennie, Brian Cullen, Hadi Bastani and Fionnuala Fagan-Thiébot.



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