The Multi-Media Room (MMR) is located adjacent to the foyer of SARC at Queen’s University Belfast.

Symposium Session 1

Chaired by Franziska Schroeder Megan Steinberg – Ableism in Artificial Intelligence: By Human Design George Edmondson – Sonic Narratives: Sound Recording as an Improvisational Medium for Documenting Lived Experience Dafydd Williams (full group TBC) – An International Partnership Around the Creation... View event

Symposium Session 2

Chaired by Matthew Rodger Kasey Pocius, Tommy Davis and Vincent Cusson – eTu{d,b}e: Exploring musical agents through improvisations with an infra-instrument Nicholas Kirk-Canny – The Utilisation of the Hybrid/Augmented Guitar for Human-Computer Improvisation Berk Yagli – Zen of Aggression: Composing... View event

20 Years of SARC - Talks

Twenty years ago composer Karlheinz Stockhausen officially opened the SARC building on the occasion of being awarded a honorary doctorate from Queen’s University Belfast. Stockhausen’s ideas on immersive sound were key influences for the design of the Sonic Lab, the... View event


Symposium Session 3

Chaired by Simon Waters Eric Lewis – A (micro) Chip Off the Old Block–Emergent Minds in Human/Computer Interactions Landon Morrison – Improvising Intra-actions in the Design and Use of Digital Musical Instruments:  A Partial Perspective Matthew Rodger & Bonnie Smith... View event