Matthew Rodger



Symposium Session 3

Chaired by Simon Waters Eric Lewis – A (micro) Chip Off the Old Block–Emergent Minds in Human/Computer Interactions Landon Morrison – Improvising Intra-actions in the Design and Use of Digital Musical Instruments:  A Partial Perspective Matthew Rodger & Bonnie Smith... View event


Matthew Rodger is a senior lecturer in Psychology interested in perceptual-motor coordination and skill development, with a specific focus on auditory-motor coordination. His research includes investigating skill development in music performance, including understanding how sound-movement coupling emerges through musical learning, and skilful adaptability in the context of music improvisation. His interests in improvisation in a musical context relate to the study of skilled perceptual-motor action more generally, in that many of the activities people can do well involve adaptive and yet flexible coupling of actions to dynamic environments and shifting goals.

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