Landon Morrison



Symposium Session 3

Chaired by Simon Waters Eric Lewis – A (micro) Chip Off the Old Block–Emergent Minds in Human/Computer Interactions Landon Morrison – Improvising Intra-actions in the Design and Use of Digital Musical Instruments:  A Partial Perspective Matthew Rodger & Bonnie Smith... View event


Landon Morrison is a music theorist interested in the role of technocultural mediation in 20th- and 21st-century sonic practices, with a special focus on electronic and digital instruments in experimental, avant-garde, and popular music. He is currently a Research Associate at Imperial College London, working as part of Prof. Andrew McPherson’s ERC grant project on digital musical instrument design and analysis (RUDIMENTS). Recent publications include articles in Archival Notes (2023), Kalfou (2022), Music Theory Online (2021), Circuit: musiques contemporaine (2018, 2019), and Nuove Musiche (2018), a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Time in Music (2021), and an episode on the inaugural season of SMT-Pod: The Society for Music Theory Podcast (2022).

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