Eric Lewis



Symposium Session 3

Chaired by Simon Waters Eric Lewis – A (micro) Chip Off the Old Block–Emergent Minds in Human/Computer Interactions Landon Morrison – Improvising Intra-actions in the Design and Use of Digital Musical Instruments:  A Partial Perspective Matthew Rodger & Bonnie Smith... View event


Eric Lewis is a professor of Philosophy at Mcgill University, specializing in the philosophy of improvisation. He is the president of Arts in the Margins, director of the Laboratory of Urban Culture and McGill Site Coordinator of IICSI/IF. He is the author of five books, and numerous articles and book chapters. An active improvisor on brass and electronics, he also runs the annual Koumaria Improvised New Media Art Residency. He is presently writing a book on Jeanne Lee and the role of experimental vocal techniques in facilitating identity construction.