Sound Walk

The Spontaneous Footsteps Choir

Tue 9th April 2024
SARC Other

Hop, skip, jump

A forest walk with sound, dance and music Created by Tom Hughes in collaboration with dancer Maeve McGreevy and musician Paul Fox

This project was developed with the support of the Ambulatory Arts development grant from Dumbworld, and first performed in October 2023.



Meeting point: SARC Foyer
Includes free transport to sound walk location at Belvoir Forest Park, and return transport to SARC

A participatory and performative sound, dance and music walk, allowing the group to experience the power of improvisation, connectedness and synchronicity. This is a chance to explore the synchronicities and patterns that emerge when walking with others, allowing participants to feel the wonder of improvisation, and to contribute to a unique performed piece of live music and dance.

Improvisation in music is often a creative spontaneous composition in reaction to another. Even strangers familiar with the constructs of music can quickly adapt to each other. Despite what is thought, many will have often musically improvised without even knowing it. Walking with another person provides a similar improvisation – we match their cadence, they match yours, you constantly adapt to the other without thinking.

Our choreographer will offer interventions into the walking: skips, speed changes, heel first, toe first; shuffles, clacks, taps, flat-footed. The group can be split, joined. Footwear can be augmented to make more sound. The terrain change, elevation, expected moments of chaos(!), moments of rest all contribute.

As the walk continues our accompanists will augment the sounds of the steps with their mobile instruments. They will improvise with the rhythms, elevations, terrain, environmental sounds turning the walk from a rhythmic experiment into a fuller piece of music.

Audio Preview 1

Audio Preview 2

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