Sound Walk

Here, Now, There, and Then

Fri 12th April 2024
11.00am -12.30pm
SARC Other

Travelling with sound

Meeting point – SARC Foyer


A hybrid journey through the most and least immediate soundscapes, ‘Here, Now, There, and Then’ is an immersive soundwalk connecting the present with temporally and geographically distant soundscapes.

Experience a hybrid composition organically evolving from the fragments of immediate spaces and most distant ones as we walk and listen in a group.

Equipped with receivers, you’ll explore an itinerary that’s both planned and open to spontaneity. Common urban artefacts, events and infrastructures that we normally take for granted (fountains, ventilation shafts, cobblestones) in this soundwalk metamorphose into gateways to vulnerable environments in often very distant geographies, including Pacific West Coast, the Arctic Circle, and Canaveral Seashore.

Lasting about 35 minutes, this sonic experience concludes with a discussion where you can share your unique sonic journey.



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