Jacek Smolicki


Sound Walk

Here, Now, There, and Then

Meeting point – SARC Foyer   A hybrid journey through the most and least immediate soundscapes, ‘Here, Now, There, and Then’ is an immersive soundwalk connecting the present with temporally and geographically distant soundscapes. Experience a hybrid composition organically evolving... View event


Jacek Smolicki is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, designer and educator. His work explores critical, existential and technological dimensions of listening, recording and archiving practices in human and more-than-human contexts.

His work is manifested through soundwalks, soundscape compositions, experimental archives, installations and diverse forms of writing. Smolicki holds a PhD from Malmö University and has been a postdoc researcher at Linköping University, affiliated researcher at Uppsala University, Simon Fraser University, and 2022/2023 Fulbright visiting scholar at Harvard. In 2019, he co-founded the Walking Festival of Sound.

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