Sound Walk

Inaudible Cities

Sat 13th April 2024
11.00am -12.30pm
SARC Other

Listen, capture, collage

Based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, this soundwalk takes participants on an exploration for the resonance signatures of the city around them.

Meeting Point: SARC Foyer


Participants use their phones to capture ambient sounds that have a distinct pitchiness, especially sustained pitched sounds.

This might include passive sounds already in the soundscape such as crosswalk beeps, church bells, electrical hums and whines, steam/air sounds, insects, braking buses etc. Equally, participants might activate pitched sounds from the local geography by gently striking lamp/sign-posts, metal fences etc.

Sounds are uploaded to a custom webpage that curates, arranges, and streams the evolving soundscape back; with options to listen to individual user’s uploads, or all uploads as a single stream.



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