Scott McLaughlin


Sound Walk

Inaudible Cities

Based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, this soundwalk takes participants on an exploration for the resonance signatures of the city around them. View event

Scott McLaughlin (b.1975) is an Irish composer and improviser based in Huddersfield (UK). He started out as a shoegaze/experimental guitarist before studying music in his 20s at University of Ulster then MA/PhD University of Huddersfield (with Christopher Fox, PA Tremblay, Bryn Harrison, and James Saunders).

Currently, Scott lectures in composition at the University of Leeds. His music focuses on phenomena of sound, on contingency and indeterminacy in instruments, and performers responding-to and working-with that agency of the instrument. His work has been performed by Zubin Kanga, Heather Roche, Mira Benjamin, Explore Ensemble, BBC SSO, and others.

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