Double Bill: Max Eilbacher / Lee + Waters + McCoubrey trio

Sat 13th April 2024
3.30pm -4.30pm
Sonic Lab

Max Eilbacher   PLUS (Axis of Distance).

A new piece that utilizes a technique of sound synthesis he has been developing over the past year. An abstract method for aurally describing geometric ellipses yielding. Painting the unplaced room of the listener’s perception within a mass of overtones caught in a confused state somewhere between quivering, humming, and collapsing.




Una Lee sings live, songs for you to stay awake to, in the company of Simon Waters (Double Bass) and Andrew McCoubrey (Drums).

Lee + Waters + McCoubrey will form a project trio in this special collaboration bringing the compositions from Una Lee’s album ‘Songs to Stay Awake to’ (2021) to life through their improvisations as seasoned jazz and experimental musicians.

Expect an exhilarating journey of eclectic sonorities while they interpret and intone contemporary Irish poetry in this unique performance.







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