Max Eibacher



Double Bill: Max Eilbacher / Lee + Waters + McCoubrey trio

Max Eilbacher   PLUS (Axis of Distance). A new piece that utilizes a technique of sound synthesis he has been developing over the past year. An abstract method for aurally describing geometric ellipses yielding. Painting the unplaced room of the... View event

Max Eilbacher works with sound. That work materializes in a variety of forms; compositions, musical performances, conceptual systems, perceptual choreography, installations, and theoretical sculpture. No matter how the final work may be categorized, the art typically utilizes speakers and sound waves. A frequent concern throughout the works is an inquiry into the inextricable and complex relationship between sound and experience. At each incident of sound, a phenomenological abyss must be transversed. He is aware the listener is the agent taking such a leap. Composition (or whatever may be emanating from a speaker) is the practical enactment of such a leap.