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Festival ’24 Open Call – Early Music

Sonorities is dedicating a concert to music before 1800 that represents risk (e.g., in formal processes, in meaning or sub-text, to the performer, to the capacity of the voice or instrument).

Submissions Closed.

Proposals for sets between 10-30 minutes’ duration should be submitted by 31st August 2023. Proposals should indicate how your set relates to the concert theme, while also indicating duration and forces involved, and include links to relevant online examples of your work. Please also supply a short programme note (up to 200 words), a short bio (up to 100 words), at least one promo image, and optionally a link to your artist website or other online material that could be used for promotional purposes.

Sonorities can provide the following keyboard instruments:

  • A modern copy of a baroque chamber organ with transposition capability (415, 440, 465).
  • A Flemish single manual harpsichord built by Michael Johnson c.2007 based on the scaling of the Andreas Ruckers 1637, the keyboard compass of GG – d3, with semitone transposition capability in both directions from A=415.
  • Fortepiano (5-octave grand piano) made by Poletti & Tuinman c.1995 after a model by Anton Walter from 1795.

Note: each selected act or ensemble has an inclusive, total budget of £800 – including travel, accommodation, and fee for all performers. Sonorities can also provide a letter of support to assist with funding applications.

Submissions Closed.

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