Sound Space Environment group exhibition @ QSS

Tue 9th April 2024

Field recordings in the gallery

Sonorities is delighted to partner with QSS Gallery and Studios to host a group exhibition from SARC’s Sound Space Environment Research Group.

*Pre-Sonorities Launch Event for Belfast’s Late Night Art – Thursday 4th April*

Belfast’s art galleries traditionally open in the evenings of the first Thursday of every month for ‘Late Night Art’.

Sonorities early-birds can catch the pre-festival opening of this exhibition on Thursday 4th April 5-8pm

On Thursday 4th April you also catch these Sonorities exhibitions open for Late Night Art:

Screenings @ DAS (5-8pm)
This Street is a Song @ Threshold (anytime)


*Evening Opening Tuesday 9th April*

On Tues 9th April Sonorities provide a free bus from SARC to East Belfast, with a special opening of QSS Gallery ahead of the Holonic Fields Launch Party at nearby Portview Trade Centre.

  • 5.30pm – Bus departs @ SARC
  • 6pm – Bus arrives @ QSS Gallery – visit the Sound Space Environment Research Group exhibition
  • 7pm – Holonic Fields Launch Party Performances @ Portview Trade Centre (5 min walk from QSS Gallery)
  • 11.30pm –¬†Following the performances, bus will depart Portview Trade Centre and return to QUB Main Campus.

Please book bus and event tickets individually via ticket link (find within the Free tickets section)



Sound Space Environment group exhibition information

This group exhibition will showcase some of the collaborative and individual works of the artists of SARC’s Sound Space Environment Research Group: Lara Weaver, Robert Coleman, Pedro Rebelo and Georgios Varoutsos.

Featured works include:


Legacy Soundscape of ECOS Park

Highlighting the varied sounds of ECOS Park in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The field recordings used various microphones, such as ambisonic, geophones, and hydrophones, to capture the unique soundscape of the park. The installation provides a multi-dimensional listening experience, offering diverse perspectives on the distinct sound sources in and around the park. Additionally, the composition raises awareness about the impact of human activity on the natural environment as the surrounding infrastructure continues to grow.


Sonic Engagements with Deserts, Forests, Rivers, and Cities

Compositions focusing on sound, space, and well-being. These consist of immersive sound works based off field recordings drawn from contrasting environments, including forests, rivers, deserts, and cites.

Playlist Order:
Lara Weaver
Robert Coleman
Pedro Rebelo
Georgios Varoutsos



This piece is based on interactions experienced within Belfast Harbour where the Lagan River meets the sea. Contact microphones and hydrophones revealed a range of sounds transmitted through air and water. The harbour is host to sea travel, tourist visits, wildlife, and commercial buildings, plus constant interference that often goes unnoticed: radio frequencies, sea life activity, and interactions in the urban environment. The piece enables another mode to listen to these spaces.

Piece created by: Georgios Varoutsos, Lara Weaver, and Robert Coleman




Sound Space Environment Research Group
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Sound Space Environment Research Group


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