Holonic Fields Launch Party Performances

Tue 9th April 2024
7.00pm - late

Party at Portview!

We celebrate the launch of the Holonic Fields interactive installation at Portview Trade Centre with an evening of live performances by international artists, alongside opportunities to experience Holonic Fields.

Sonorities returns to Portview in East Belfast to host Holonic Fields – an interactive audiovisual installation produced through the collaboration between Northern Irish composer Rory Friers (ASIWYFA) and Boom Clap Play.

This launch event will give you an opportunity to experience Holonic Fields, and also explore the unique venue at Portview Trade Centre through a series of live performances by international artists.

Live performances will be scheduled throughout the evening:


Lucia H Chung 

Live improvisation with no-input mixing board.


Viola Yip – Liminal Lines

“Liminal Lines” is a live electronic music performance by Viola Yip on her self-made wearable instrument and her body movements. It explores a choreography between sound and movements, beyond the traditional notions of techniques and executions. This wearable instrument, in the form of a dress, is made of soft PVC and various audio cables that allows audio signals to pass through. Her body, when wearing the dress, facilitates a wide range of distances, pressures, and speeds through her body movements. These body-and-instrument interactions devise performative relationships between the instrument and the human body, which allow complex sonorities to emerge and modulate over time.


Jules Rawlinson – Pulsar Hexerei

Pulsar Hexerei is an improvised versioning of Rawlinson’s Pulsar Retcon release (Superpang SP63), and explores buffer scratching, corpus scrubbing and waveform scuffing of material sourced from the New Pulsar Generator (nuPg). Samples from nuPg improvisations have been analysed in a variety of ways using the Fluid Corpus Manipulation (FluCoMa) toolkit to allow for agile polyphonic and gestural exploration and expression using multitouch controllers. In this way there’s a retroactive injection of the sound and morphology of pulsar synthesis into a continued practice of working with sampled material in real-time in ways that are influenced by both early tape and electronic works and modern turntablism to make connections between sound objects and embodied technique.


Mayté Segura and Miguel Ortiz – Between worlds

Contemporary performance of dance and music inspired by the prehispanic world.



On Tues 9th April Sonorities provide a free bus from SARC to East Belfast, returning after the event.

Please book bus and event tickets individually via ticket link below (find within the Free tickets section)



Catering at the Portview launch party will be provided by Hearty Growers the pies are free and available first come first serve from 7pm

The event is BYO and Boundary taproom will open from 6pm-8pm especially for attendees. They will also sell cans that people can bring up to the performance and installation space in the building next door.






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