Audiovisual showcase

Sonorities is delighted to partner with Digital Arts Studios to present an exhibition screening of engaging new audiovisual works by international artists.

The programme includes:

  • Paolo Pastorino & Claudio Sanna – Pietre di una esposizione
  • Enrico Dorigatti – hyperobject::01
  • Magazinist – REVERSE SEARCH
  • aliceee – shop


Programme notes:


Paolo Pastorino & Claudio Sanna     Pietre di una esposizione   (Stones at an Exhibition)

Pietre di una Esposizione speaks of the four basic elements of cosmogony.  The video alludes to abstract concepts of cosmogony in dialogue with sounds born from the acoustic piano that recall gestures made by Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola (1942 – 2016) with his sonorous stones.  For water and fire, the same gestures are proposed again but transliterated into an instrument of the classical tradition. The original sound of water and fire (limestone and basalt) is recreated here in the sound box of the instrument. In earth and air, the suggestions of the earth are recreated through echoes of Sardinian popular melodies and the sharp magnetism of the light beams of the sun.


Enrico Dorigatti    hyperobject::1

Modern technology exists as a hyperobject; it is immensely vast and complex—the sheer scale of it exceeds our ability to ever fully comprehend its complexity. It is ubiquitous and in constant proliferation, encompassing vast networks of devices, software, and digital infrastructures that underpin our modern world. Through the interaction of abstract imagery and sounds rooted within the post-digital and glitch aesthetics, and realised through generative and algorithmic techniques, this installation aims to explore our understanding of this complex phenomenon—our limits of reality and human perception with complex concepts such as data—inviting the audience to contemplate and reflect on the vastness of the world we inhabit and our place within it, both physically and metaphorically, as technology becomes every day more ubiquitous and irreplaceable


Magazinist     REVERSE SEARCH

The visual and sonic components of REVERSE SEARCH are the product of an immense quantity of samples, including images culled from the internet, along with a massive accumulation of found and created sound. These fragments cohere into groupings, split apart into divergent clusters, and ricochet across the screen and throughout the room.


aliceee     shop



Paolo Pastorino & Claudio Sanna
Still image from audiovisual work 'Pietre di una esposizione' by Paolo Pastorino and Claudio Sanna.
Still image from audiovisual work 'Pietre di una esposizione' by Paolo Pastorino and Claudio Sanna.
Enrico Dorigatti
Still image from audiovisual work 'hyperobject 01' by Enrico Dorigatti.
Still image from audiovisual work 'Reverse Search' by Magazinist.
Still image from audiovisual work 'shop' by aliceee.


Free of charge

No need to book for Exhibitions

Capacity limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment