SARC x 20 and Thrice Removed

Thur 11th April 2024
Sonic Lab

Immersive experiences for the Sonic Lab

SARC x 20
Pedro Rebelo and Frank Delaney

Celebrating twenty years since the inauguration of the SARC building by Karlheinz Stockhausen this is a multiscreen immersive audio experience drawing on the SARC archive. Reflecting research projects, public engagement activities, participatory projects, performance, composition, design and scholarship, this is a deep dive into the weird and wonderful ‘SARCness’ that seems to envelope those passing through as students as staff. The SARC x 20 experience is composed of sounds and images from work conducted by SARC researchers and PhD alumni between 2004 and 2024 and makes use of the Sonic Lab’s unique immersive capabilities.


Thrice Removed  
Brian Cullen

Thrice Removed was specifically designed for the Sonic Lab at SARC Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was first exhibited in 2008 as part of The International Computer Music Convention. In 2018, it was converted for performance for Transitions 2018 at CCRMA Stanford University. Thrice Removed examines two main ideas. Firstly, how can Hollywood special visual and sound effects techniques be use to examine our technologically mediated everyday lives? Secondly, if Coronation Street were to be discovered and perpetuated by A.I. in some (not so distant) post–cinema (even post human) sci-fi future, how might it present itself?




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