Frank Delaney



SARC x 20 and Thrice Removed

SARC x 20 Pedro Rebelo and Frank Delaney Celebrating twenty years since the inauguration of the SARC building by Karlheinz Stockhausen this is a multiscreen immersive audio experience drawing on the SARC archive. Reflecting research projects, public engagement activities, participatory... View event

Brian Cullen


Frank Delaney is a Film and TV director, producer, editor, music composer, sound designer, and educator

Franks research and practice interests include story, film, tv, radio, music for screen and media, sound, photography, practice as research, creativity, psychology, archive creation and documenting. He has 25 years experience writing, directing, producing, editing, photographing and sound designing national and international film, tv and radio productions for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, Channel 4, RTE, TG4, CNN, MTV, PBS(USA). He has also written feature length screenplays and directed, edited, composed and/or sound designed short film, feature film and theatre productions. He has also co-founded and managed television and media production companies in Ireland and UK.

He is an active member of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland and Directors UK and an associate member of the Screen Composers Guild of Ireland