Bihe Wen



Listening Room Programme 2

In our two Listening Rooms, more than 30 fixed-media works are presented simultaneously, playing back over a 9.1.4 (Listening Room 1) or 8-channel (Listening Room 2) speaker configuration.  The Listening Rooms are found in the lower ground floor surround studios... View event

Jean Voguet
Michele Del Prete
Stefano Catena


Bihe Wen is a Chinese composer whose works span instrumental, electroacoustic music, and collaborative multimedia installations. He has won numerous prizes in international competitions, including Musicacoustica-Beijing competition (2011, 2017), XXVIII Luigi Russolo Contest, MÉTAMORPHOSES 2016 Acousmatic Competition, XII° Destellos Competition 2019, Shanghai International Electronic Music Competition 2020, and Denny Awards 2021. He was awarded the GREAT Scholarship from the British Council and is currently pursuing a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast.