Leo Cicala



Listening Room Programme 2

In our two Listening Rooms, more than 30 fixed-media works are presented simultaneously, playing back over a 9.1.4 (Listening Room 1) or 8-channel (Listening Room 2) speaker configuration.  The Listening Rooms are found in the lower ground floor surround studios... View event

Jean Voguet
Michele Del Prete
Stefano Catena


Leo Cicala Electroacoustic composer, acousmatic performer, live performer, teacher. He studied Band Instrumentation at the Conservatorio “Tito Schipa” in Lecce and graduated with honours in Electronic Music from the same institution; he also studied drums and jazz music and graduated in Biological Sciences. Winner of the first prize in electroacoustic composition “Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize” in the UK, has been a finalist in several international competitions, his compositions are performed in major festivals in Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, UK, Germany, Cyprus, Montecarlo, Argentina, Chile and in the USA (Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New York).