Resonance of Renaissance



Early Music Concert

Programme: Ensemble Mosatrïc perform ‘Resonance of Renaissance’ Resonant Bodies features Zebedee Budworth on hammered dulcimer + electronics and Rob Bentall on nyckelharpa + electronics ‘The Era of Elegance’ with mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty and Bridget Cunningham on harpsichord Ed Williams and... View event

Resonant Bodies

Ensemble Mosatrïc

Ensemble Mosatrïc is a trio, however, the ensemble consists of far more than three components. Instead, it is an experiment that seeks to move through several dimensions: different genres and styles of dance and music, ranging from classical over traditional to jazz, are merged to create colourful and multi-faceted compositions. The three artists were first introduced during their studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin and started collaborating as a trio in the summer of 2019. Since then they have been performing regularly in Germany and abroad, they were awarded the audience prize at the D-bü competition and won the music category of the festival ‘mittelyoung’.