Resonant Bodies

Resonant Bodies


Early Music Concert

Programme: Ensemble Mosatrïc perform ‘Resonance of Renaissance’ Resonant Bodies features Zebedee Budworth on hammered dulcimer + electronics and Rob Bentall on nyckelharpa + electronics ‘The Era of Elegance’ with mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty and Bridget Cunningham on harpsichord Ed Williams and... View event

Resonant Bodies

Resonant Bodies is an improvising duo consisting of Zebedee Budworth (hammered dulcimer + electronics) and Rob Bentall (nyckelharpa and electronics). They aim to explore the spectacular sonorities of the ancient instruments they play, and how they interact with each other. They aim to marry these old technologies with new ones, processing the rich resonant instrumental timbres through electronic effects. The duo seeks to reimagine folk tunes through an improvised musical dialogue, allowing the rich sonority they piece together to lead their creative output.

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Rob is also appearing at Sonorities in 20 Years of SARC – Concert