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Handmade Music returns to Sonorities with a special extended edition. A big element of Handmade Music is about community and space for experimental and improvised music to exist…and seeing what comes out the other side! The night is a place... View event

Tullis Rennie
Luz González and Rebecca Minten


AUUF is an improvisation duo featuring Tian Fu, the Chinese freestyle rapper, and Antuum, who creates beats from scratch on a semi-modular synthesizer. The duo is centered around the concept of creating bridges between unfamiliar cultures through improvisation. By embracing differences and fostering collaboration between different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the project promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding. It is an exploration of interconnectedness, flexibility of language, and non-attachment through openness to new situations.

Tian Fu, born in Hohhot in 1989, is composer, rapper and beat-maker, currently an artistic research doctoral candidate at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He has composed a wide range of works including chamber opera, stage work for choreography, orchestral work and chamber works for Chinese instruments and mixed ensemble. In the field of hip-hop music, he joined the local hip-hop group L.C.T. as rapper and beat-maker under the stage name Croche since 2005.

Antuum, born 1997, is a musician, sound artist, and composer with a diverse background in classical guitar, conducting, cello, and contemporary music. He began his musical journey at Zhytomyr Music School named after S. Richter, where he developed a passion for classical music performance. He then went on to study at Zhytomyr Music College, where he deepened his knowledge of guitar and conducting. In addition, studying cello as second instrument and practicing it performing in different orchestras and ensembles.

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