Franziska Schroeder and Federico Reuben



Handmade Music

Handmade Music returns to Sonorities with a special extended edition. A big element of Handmade Music is about community and space for experimental and improvised music to exist…and seeing what comes out the other side! The night is a place... View event

Tullis Rennie
Luz González and Rebecca Minten

Franziska Schroeder is a saxophonist and improviser, originally from Berlin. Federico Reuben is a composer, sound artist and laptop improviser, originally from Costa Rica.

Franziska and Federico have been working together as a duo exploring AI generated materials and machine learning techniques within the context of freely improvised music. As a duo, they have performed at Cheltenham Science Festival, MUSAiC Festival, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and at the AI Music Creativity Conference (AIMC).

Frederico Reuben

Cheltenham 2023 AI Live Improvisation