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Handmade Music returns to Sonorities with a special extended edition. A big element of Handmade Music is about community and space for experimental and improvised music to exist…and seeing what comes out the other side! The night is a place... View event

Tullis Rennie
Luz González and Rebecca Minten

LARGE TIN is Phil Maguire and Paul Margree.

Phil Maguire is a Scottish composer based in Cork. He produces electronic works that explore emptiness and emergence, of self and machine. They place timbre under the microscope; examining fine details of sound over extended durations. Informed by intuitive use of feedback and chaos, his work is simultaneously static yet always in motion.

Paul Margree is a sound artist from London. As IVY NOSTRUM he blends explorations of everyday objects with musique concrete-inspired sound collage. He has released work on SND HLS, Liquid Library, Structured Disasters, Wormhole World and Invisible City Records.


Image credit Emer Casey

Phil Maguire Paul Margree