Mattia Benedetti



Listening Room Programme 1

Repeated Daily – Check Here for Times. In our two Listening Rooms, more than 30 fixed-media works are presented simultaneously, playing back over a 9.1.4 (Listening Room 1) or 8-channel (Listening Room 2) speaker configuration.  The Listening Rooms are found... View event

Timothy Roy
Mattia Benedetti


Mattia Benedetti is a composer. He lives in Perugia.
He’s trying to create music that resembles an open world, without a centre but full of internal connections and ambiguous self resemblances.  He’s trying to create music that resembles an island, isolated from everything, an extreme habitat where only endemic organisms lives.

His pieces have been presented in Perugia (Segnali 2018), New York (ICMC 2019 e NYCEF 2020), Buenos Aires (Atemporánea 2019), Salta (Espacios Sonoros 2019), Città del Messico (Muslab 2020), Madrid (In-Sonora 2020), Santiago (ICMC2020), Taipei (WOCMAT 2020), Madrid (IN-SONORA 11) and Paris (en Chair et en Son 2021). He took part in Premio San Fedele 2019 (Milano).