Timothy Roy



Listening Room Programme 1

Repeated Daily – Check Here for Times. In our two Listening Rooms, more than 30 fixed-media works are presented simultaneously, playing back over a 9.1.4 (Listening Room 1) or 8-channel (Listening Room 2) speaker configuration.  The Listening Rooms are found... View event

Timothy Roy
Mattia Benedetti


Timothy Roy composes music steeped in imagery and allusion, which seeks to elicit a sense of time, place, and feeling. His music has received performances at such venues and events as the National Theater of Taipei, Music Biennale Zagreb, BEAST, Atemporánea Festival, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, ICMC, and the International Electroacoustic Music Festival of Chile, “Ai-maako.” Recent honors include the Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award (1st Prize), ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Award (1st Prize), and Giga-Hertz Prize from ZKM Karlsruhe (Honorable Mention).

Tim resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, while completing a doctorate at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music.


Brompton and Braeswood (2023)